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Gymnastics provides a great foundation for ALL sports. It develops strength, flexibility, balance, agility and coordination…all skills needed for sports.

What we provide is life skills, problem solving, goal setting, discipline, increased self confidence, socialization, teamwork and learning how to be resilient! 

No matter what sport you're in, gymnastics will improve your game! 

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Overcoming Obstacles

Life skills lessons for kids

Our mission is to ensure that all young people learn the communication, decision making, and goal setting skills they need to be successful in life.

With the onset of the COVID-19, many parents have been placed in the role of teacher as well as parent. Children are not socializing, learning etiquette cues, out in amungst their friends where they have to learn to adapt to differenet personalities, deal with conflict, problem solve or have the structure that school offers. 

We understand that transitioning back to a school day may be difficult and cause a bit of anxiety, while others may welcome it. All children learn differenlty. Some adapt quickly while some may need a little coaching and guidance.


We can help them be mindful, learn how to adapt easily, find a way to change their perspective about how to deal with what life throws at them and how to be the best they can be at the happiest they can be in any situation. We can help them by giving them the tools to get there. 


This program is for anyone who wants their child to live a happy, fulfilling, successful life, be mindful for their particular needs and know how to create joy in their lives.  Overcoming Obstacles is a comprehensive life skills curriculum that includes hundreds of hours of activity-based lessons for elementary, middle, and high school  students. 

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On March 13th, all gymnastics club in Nova Scotia were told to close in as part of the strategy to eliminate the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Like many  people, we have no new information, at this time,  as to when we will be permitted to resume classes. 

In response to the closure, with the help of other clubs pooling our resources together, we have provide an online platform for at home classes. 

Currently it is FREE TO MEMBERS until the end of June. 

Non-members may access it as well until the end of June for just $2.00 per month.


To access the online classes, click on the link below. The access code is 2590 



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