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This year brings with it a new way to do things and we at GymNation are pivoting with the times. Stay tuned for information regarding our day time Life Skills Program that we have put into place to help children and parents cope with the "new normal." Here are some highlights of what to expect for the fall session:

  1.  Classes will all be 10 mins shorter in order to allow time for class change  as well as time for cleaning and disinfecting.

  2.  Spots will be limited to allow for social distancing. 

  3. There will be no parent viewing for the 2020-2021 season. 

  4.  Children must arrive only 5 minutes prior to class and must be picked up no later than 5 minutes after class.

  5. Parents are to drop children off at the door and pick up at the door. Children will not be sent into the parking lot unaccompanied. 

  6. All children must bring their own water bottle and hair ties. 

  7. Masks must be worn by everyone entering and exiting the building. Students will hang their masks on their own disignated hooks once in the gym. 

  8. All students must wash their hands before and after class. Hand sanitizers are placed throughout the gym. 

  9. There is no sharing of any items such as water, props, yoga mats, rollers, etc. All porous props (such as bean bags) have been removed from the gym. 

  10.  All sessions will now only be paid monthly.


Award winning Life Skills program for kids now available at GymNation!

There is a lot goimg on in a child's world today. They are inindated with infomration all day long, looking for validation through technology and now they are learning to wear masks and be fearful of going outside or to school, all while trying to be a child.

We can help them be mindful, learn how to adapt easily, find a way to change their perspective about how to deal with what life throws at them and how to be the best they can be at the happiest they can be in any situation. We can help them by giving them the tools to get there. Read more...

Watch this thought provoking video on the importance of teaching our kids life skills to cope with todays challenges.


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