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Class Descriptions below

FAQ (Frequently asked questions

What do I need to know prior to attending class?

  • All children must bring a water bottle (water only)

  • No jewellry (Small studs are ok)

  • Bare feet, but socks are required for the trampoline

  • No belts, TU-TUs, skirts, sports bras or halter tops. (Bodysuits with shorts for girls are preferred.)

  • Clothing must be snug to the body,

  • Hair must be tied back

  • No gum in the gym

How long is a session and how many times will my child(ren) go in a week? 

All classes run for 13 weeks and each child attends once a week unless you sign up for more than one program. 

Do I need to fill out the forms again?

YES! The registration forms must be filled out again every Sept.

Will I have to pay the registration/Insurance fee again?

Yes, you will have to pay the registration insurance fee every Sept. It expires Aug 31st of every season. This fee is paid to Gymnastics Nova Scotia for liability insurance. 

Is there TAX on the fees?

Yes but only on the fees, not on the insurance/registration fee

How long is the gymnastics season? 

The gymnastics season goes from Sept 1st to Aug 31st each year. 

How long is each session?

Classes will run for 13 weeks each session. Please note: Monday nights will miss two classes due to Thanksgiving and Halloween so the price will be adjusted accordingly. 

Do I have to register my child for each session?

Yes, when you register, you only register for one-13 week session at a time

How can I make payment?

Payment can be made via phone with credit card, in person with cash, debit or by e-transfer to

When is registration confirmed?

Registration is confirmed once all paperwork and payment has been received,

When do classes start?

All session dates are listed on the Recreational Brochure that you can print and keep all year. 

Is there parent viewing available?

At this time we do not offer parent viewing  due to lack of adequate space and fire regulations.  At the end of each session, we have a parent show and share whereby parents will be able to come in to view their child's last class. 

What class should my child move into, if they are having a birthday more than 2 weeks after classes start?

All children are placed into the current age appropriate class.  Once the classes begin, if a child needs to be placed in a more skill level appropriate class, the coach will make a recommendation.

What is the cost?

All pricing is on the class schedule brochure. Class prices are according to length of class. An insurance/registration fee is added once a year and expires Aug 31st of each year. HST is applicable to class prices but not to the GNS Insurance fee. 


Class Descriptions below


Ages 18 mths to school age - 35 mins



Crawling to pre-school age - One parent per child permitted

11am - 12noon

Parents can purchase a 5-visit punch pass and use it to drop into Stay N' Play with their child throughout the session. Each punch pass must be used within the 13 weeks. 

A circuit (obstacle course) will be set up each day for kids to explore and parents will be the coach for this class; guiding, spotting and interacting with the child while they test their skills on the various age appropriate, gymnastics equipment. 

Ages 18 mths to school age - 35 mins


Parent and Tot (PTOT)

Ages 18 months - 3 years - One parent per child permitted

45 min class

  Parent and Tot begins with an instructed warm up to music and parents are required to do the Hand holding and guiding  for their own child. Children will learn the basic of landings, locomotions, rotations, swinging, jumping, skipping, balancing and flexibility. The coach is then there to guide you both through the activities that you do on your own. This class a great way to integrate your child into the GymNation programs and to create a fun social setting. Kids can stay in parent and tot until they are ready to attend a class on their own, at the recommendation of the coach. One parent  per child permitted on the gym floor.

Ages 3-5 years - 50 mins

Baby doing yoga iStock_000010365551Small


Ages 3- 4 years

For the child who is ready to go on their own...and are potty-trained, they will begin to learn the basic skills such as handstands, cartwheels, forward and backward rolls etc. These skills are based on the four dominant movement patters: locomotions, landings, swings and rotations. This class builds a good solid base so children can safely and progressively move toward the more challenging skills. All children must be able to use the bathroom independently.

6-8 Years - 50 mins



Ages 5-6 years

Children who are new to gymnastics but are a little older or transitioning from Pre-School (Kindergym) will learn basic to more advanced skills specific to this age group. They will be challenged at their own skill level and will get an understanding for more gymnastics terminology. Focus will be on the four dominant movement patterns: locomotion, landings, swings and rotations, technique and skill execution and making the skill connection. 

6-8 Years - 50 mins



Ages 7-9 years

Juniors Advanced is the next step up in the CanGym program and will be used to instruct participants in more advanced skills to prepare them for the next classes or to be moved into the competitive program depending on a number of skills and attributes.  They will be challenged at their own skill level and will get an understanding for more gymnastics terminology. Focus will be on the four dominant movement patterns: locomotion, landings, swings and rotations, technique and skill execution and making the skill connection. 

6-8 Years - 50 mins



Ages 8+yrs

In this class boys will focus more on men's apparatus such as parallel bars, high bar, floor, vault, pommel horse, rings. Boys will learn intermediate to advanced skills and will begin making connections of multiple skills with an emphasis on form and how skills are performed. 

Ages 9-14 years - 50 mins



Ages 9+yrs

 For someone who has taken an interest in gymnastics at an older age or is progressing from Juniors or Juniors Advanced, this class will focus on the CanGym Blue badge and up. Participants will be challenged at their own skill level and will work on all four events (Bars, Beam, Vault, Floor) with a bit of trampoline Emphasis will be more on technique, execution, connection of skills and increasing strength, flexibility, power, performance, agility, speed and balance.  

Ages 9-14 years - 50 mins

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Ages 9+yrs

Those who have taken the Girls Artistic class and have passed badge 5 or higher, will now have the opportunity to be advanced to a competition level for Tumbling and Trampoline. Students will learn the routine requirements to be able to attend competitions at the provincial level with an opportunity to attend Championships. The class will be equally divided between tumbling skills and trampoline skills and routines. 

Ages 7-12 - 1 hour



Ages 5-7 YRS

 This class is designed for students that have some basic knowledge and understanding of floor skills and technique. This class utilizes the trampoline and floor to perfect such skills as cartwheels, handstands, aerials, walkovers, handsprings, front and back tucks, twisting and more! This is the perfect class for cheerleaders, dancers, gymnasts, skaters, martial artists, trampoline enthusiasts and fitness competitors.

Ages 7-12 - 1 hour



Ages 8+yrs

 This class is designed for students that have taken the Beginner T & T and have some basic knowledge and understanding of floor skills and trampoline technique. We will take the current skills they have and start to make connections to other more advanced skills. Participants will will be taught more advanced skills based on their own level and understanding. 

Ages 7-11 years or Level 1 (1 hr)

Ages 10-15 or Level 2 (1.5 hrs) 

trampoline gif.gif



Do you have a back yard trampoline? We can show you what you need to know to learn the cool skills and do them safely! Students will learn trampoline fundamentals.  No previous experience is needed. They will follow the highly recognized Canadian trampoline program (CanJump)  that will take them through a series of beginner skills that they can perform recreationally or have the option to compete. 

Ages 7-11 years or Level 1 (1 hr)

Ages 10-15 or Level 2 (1.5 hrs) 

trampoline gif.gif


Ages 8+yrs

Students in this class will have achieved Level 1 skills and have been recommended to go into Level 2. Focus will be put on form and how to perform the skills properly while making multiple skill connections. This class will prepare the athlete for the Advanced Trampoline where they will have the option to compete provincially in trampoline. Students registered will attend two nights a week. 

Ages 7-11 years or Level 1 (1 hr)

Ages 10-15 or Level 2 (1.5 hrs) 

trampoline gif.gif



This class runs twice a week and is for Advanced athletes who may have an interest in competition but it is not mandatory. Athletes who have taken Level 1 and 2 Trampoline can register for this class. This class otherwise is by invitation. Recommendations in regards to ability and appropriate program will be suggested by the coach. Inversion skills and making connections of skills is the main focus of this class. The goal is to prepare the team to compete at Provincials and Championships in either tumbling or trampoline or both. 

Ages 5-6 - 1.5 hours -  Invitation Only



Ages 5-6 years - By invitation only

This is a feeder program into the competitive team and is by invitation only. You may ask to have your child tested for this program. Participants are chosen based on coach-ability, strength, attitude, disposition, body awareness, adaptability, natural and cognitive abilities. Participants will follow the TENS Evaluation Program. It is the expectation that parents are looking to have their child work towards the competitive team so they are taught skills to prepare them for potential competition. There is no guarantee into the competitive program as it will depend on the progression of the skills and abilities of the gymnast.

Ages 7 and up 

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Ages 7 years and up

BRIEFLY, REBOUND THERAPY is the phrase that describes a specific model of trampoline therapy:- exercise therapy which uses a full sized trampoline to provide opportunities for movement, therapeutic exercise and recreation for people across virtually the whole spectrum of special needs.

IT IS MORE than special needs trampolining or disability trampolining; Rebound Therapy can provide a huge number of potential benefits. To find out more, click here.

All ages - $50 per hour / $80 for a group of two / $120 for a group of four




Private lessons are available for students who have already taken basic-advanced level gymnastics classes and wish to progress, or need additional assistance to gain particular/additional skills. If you are interested in Private Lessons, please contact GymNation at 902-883-5102 or email

3-4 yrs
5 -6 yrs
7 - 9 yrs
Beginner T&T
Adv T & T
Trampoline Level 1
Tramp Level 2
Tramp L2 & Adv
Girl Intermdiate
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