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6-week Intro to Yoga for Kids and

Life Skills Program

Its been a tough year or two for a lot of people and kids are feeling it too! Mental health issues are on the rise so now is the time to provide your children with the tools to better cope with life's daily stresses. 

Your child will learn coping skills to help better deal with anxieties, stress and many of life's intricacy's  such as breathing techniques, stretching and beneficial yoga poses. They will also learn from an award winning Overcoming Obstacles  Lifeskills Program. All will be taught by a certified, trained and experienced instructor. 

Topics that will be covered...

Anger Management

Bullying Prevention

Confidence Builders

Conflict Resolution


Problem Solving



Self Esteem 

Concentration and Focus

Balance and Coordination

Physical Flexibility 

 Ages 7-15 years

Fridays 5pm - 5:45pm

Cost: $60 per six week program

(Non-members will be required to pay

the insurance fee to register)

Limit: 8 participants 

Program starts Feb 7th

 All participants are asked to bring a yoga mat, water bottle, pillow and blanket. We do have yoga mats available if needed. 

Benefits of Yoga for kids...

  • Improved memory and cognitive thinking

  • Improved social relationships

  • Increased determination

  • and perseverance

  • Better sleep

  • More focus

  • Decreased anxiety

  • Increased self-esteem

  • Increased awareness

  • Increased Mindfulness

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