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Welcome to the Booster Club

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The Booster Club was created to provide support to parents and athletes in ensuring all athletes have the same opportunities to compete and travel by raising funds to financially support the team expenses incurred by parents who have athletes on the team. 

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What we do

A group of volunteer parents sit on a "parent run" board of directors and make decisions regarding the yearly fundraising efforts that will  be put forth, to raise funds for the team. All parents on the team have a responsibility to participate in the fundraisers and to support the executive in facilitating the fundraising events. 

The amount of parent participation and funds raised is a direct correlation of what expenses will be able to be covered for the season. 

Current Fundraiser (Completed)

Yeti winner.jpg
soph and Cali.jpg

Congratulations to Corwin Vanderwal for winning the Yeti cooler gift pack and thanks to all the community members who helped in our fundraiser! 

Meet The Team

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