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Welcome to the Booster Club

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The Booster club was created so that no athlete is left behind...

It provides financial support to parents, so their child can have the opportunity of Long Term Athlete Development and experience all the excitement of being on a competitive team for both the athletes and paremts.

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What is it all about?

A dedicated group of volunteer parents  work together to come up with the best fundraisers for the team and provide support for the administration duties. 

How does it work?

It's easy... everyone works together in one way or another to raise money to put toward team competition and travel. 

(More details can be found below) 

It's more than just fundraising...

Being a part of the team...

  • You get to know the team parents who have the same gym schedule as you (Carpooling is then an option : ))

  • You get access to The Competitive Parents Facebook group so you can connect with the team parents

  • It allows for more options for team travel which can be some of the best life experiences for both athletes and parents. 

  • It allows you the option to raise funds to support your child's training, that isn't available to the recreational program.

  • It can also help open up doors for thos who may not be so forunate 

Current Fundraiser (Completed)

Yeti winner.jpg
soph and Cali.jpg

Congratulations to Corwin Vanderwal for winning the Yeti cooler gift pack and thanks to all the community members who helped in our fundraiser! 

Meet The Team

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