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If you love working with kids and having fun then this is the career for you!

Becoming a gymnastics coach!




(CIT) Program

Must be between 13-15 years of age




What is the CIT Program?

The Pre-CIT program is a one or two-year program that will introduce you to various aspects of coaching a gymnastic sport. The Pre-CIT program will also prepare you for the Gymnastics Foundations component of Gymnastics Canada’s National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), which you can start when you reach the age of 15 if you have completed the Pre-CIT program. The Pre-CIT program includes individual study, mentorship, and hands-on coaching tasks, all done under the supervision of your Mentor Coach.


With the help of your Mentor Coach, you will complete 10 tutorials that guide you through several supervised coaching, officiating, and administration activities. In your capacity as a Pre-CIT, you will assist your Mentor Coach during classes for children between the ages of 3 and 10. You will never be given sole responsibility for a group of children, and you will never be left alone with a group of children.


In your first year, you are expected to complete 5 hours of tutorials, covering 10 different topics, and to assist in the gym for a minimum of 10 hours. In your second year, you are expected to complete an additional 10 hours of activities related to coaching, officiating and administration. Over the two-year period you are expected to be active as a gymnast and to complete at least 15 hours of “gymming” time. Of course this is a minimum and the more time in the gym training, a better understanding of coaching can be achieved


If you are 13, you SHOULD complete the program over a two-year period. If you are 14, you may complete the program over a one-year OR a two-year period. Each club may use its own discretion regarding the ‘employment versus volunteer’ status of its Pre-CITs. In either case, you and your Mentor Coach must enter into a written agreement that explains everyone’s roles and responsibilities.


Who can be a PRE-CIT?

If you are 13 to 15 years old, enthusiastic, energetic, and interested in learning how to coach gymnastics, you can become a Pre-CIT. Some experience as a gymnast, either at a recreational or competitive level is beneficial. Other than that you just need to be a registered member of the club and provincial/territorial (P/T) Gymnastics Association.

Candidates for positions will require to have within a certain time-frame upon hiring:

First aid and CPR

Respect in Sport 

Police Check

Gymnastics training will be provided however preference will be given to certified coaches.  

To apply, please send a resume with your relevant experience to Ms. Brenda Carmichael @

Coaching as a career


  • Gymnastics coaches are very much in demand all across the country and the world.

  • The training you receive here can be applied to numerous gymnastics clubs in Canada , the USA and many other countries across the globe.

  • Many universities, YMCA's, community centres, recreational facilities, cheerleading organizations also have gymnastics programs where they require instructors. Private training is also an option.

  • Gymnastics Canada, Gymnastics Nova Scotia and Sport Nova Scotia also offer many opportunities for career development and sport training.

  • Recreational gymnastics coaches can work toward becoming a competitive team coach, national Coach, Canada Games Coach, University team coach or a gymnastics judge from recreational to Olympic level. 

  • Some High Performance coaches maintain very successful careers and can make up to $100,000+/yr 


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