Competitive Gymnastics

Gymnastics is one of the most breathtaking and powerful sports that your child can become involved in whether she or he is brand new to the sport or has tried it in the recreation program and is ready to move onto something more challenging. 

Gymnastic athletes have proven to be some of the most powerful, flexible, strong, explosive athletes alive. Being a full body training, it also serves as a great base for all other sports and gymnasts tend to excel in other sports as well. 

We currently have a competitive team that competes locally and across the Atlantic provinces. In 2018, the team placed 2nd overall in the Provincial Championships!

























Pre-competitive gymnasts will start out by learning the basic core skills on vault, floor, bars and beam, pbars, pommels and rings. The training they receive will slowly build their strength and abilities so they can eventually perform some amazing moves. They will eventually also get the opportunity to compete their skills against other local gymnasts and who knows...they could one day be the next Olympian.


 The gymnasts will have a chance, after learning routines, to showcase their skills at an invitational or fun meet later in the season. They will be outfitted with a GymNation Competitive Body suit (Not included in the fee) and they will be trained in the Junior Olympic Competitive Training Program. For more information and fees, please call. 

If your child excels physically, has the right aptitude and attitude and is ready for the world of competitive gymnasts then we can provide the training. 

We offer a safe environment with certified and experienced coaches who will follow a Canadian standard of athletic training to help them learn to be the best that they can be as a competitive gymnast. 

Pre-Competitive Gymnastics

Interested in learning more? Or do you think your child would be a good fit for competitive?

If you would like more information on out pre-competitive and competitive program, or if you 

are interested in having your child formally evaluated to determine if they would be a good fit, please contact the club 

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