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Competitive Gymnastics

                                                          Gymnastics is one of the most breathtaking and powerful sports that your child can become                                                             involved in whether she or he is brand new to the sport or has tried it in the recreation                                                                      program and is ready to move onto something more challenging. 

                                                       Gymnastic athletes have proven to be some of the most powerful, flexible, strong, explosive                                                          athletes alive. Being a full body training, it also serves as a great base for all other sports. 

The coaches at GymNation are certified through the National Coaching Certification Program for Competitive Gymnastics   and follow a Canadian standard of athletic training. We will work with the athlete and parents to provide the tools necessary for a career in the sport of gymnastics and to provide the assistance to each athlete to become the best that they can be! 

Athletes will work toward competing at the provincial level and in the early stages, attend a Fun meet or two. They may also have a chance to compete at Atlantics, Easterns, Nationals and Canada Games. 

Team Programs consist of the following:

Developmental (Girls)  - 5-6 yrs

Pre-Competitive (Girls) 7-8 years

Provincial Level (Girls) 8+ years

Beginner Boys - 7-12 years

T & T (Trampoline and Tumbling) (Co-ed) 7+ years

Intermediate (Girls) ages 8+ 


 The gymnasts will have a chance, after learning routines, to showcase their skills at a Fun Meet, Invitational, Virtual meet or Provincial Competition and up depending on the age and program. They will be outfitted with a GymNation Competitive Body suit (Not included in the fee) and they will be trained in the Canadian Competitive Training Program.  

Colin on rings.jpeg

Competitive Tumbling:

Sometimes referred to as power tumbling, is a gymnastics discipline in which participants perform a series of acrobatic skills down a  82 ft long sprung track.


Each series, known as a pass, comprises eight elements in which the athlete jumps, twists and flips placing only their hands and feet on the track.  There are both individual and team competitions in the sport.[1]

Tumbling differs from artistic gymnastics as they do not perform on Bars, Beam, Vault or floor.

If your child has an aptitude for the sport, we can evaluate their abilities and place them in the appropriate program. 

If you would like more information on our TEAM programs, or if you 

are interested in having your child formally evaluated to determine if they would be a good fit, please contact the club at or 

Call to have your child tryout at 902-883-5102 and speak to Brenda 

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