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Gym Rules and Policies

Registration Policies

  • Pick and choose your day and time that you will attend weekly.

  • Sign up for two classes and receive 50% off the class of lesser amount.

  • There is a $60 (Incl tax) non-refundable registration fee for all new members if you have not paid insurance/Registration since Aug 31st of any year.

  • Refunds not granted as you have taken up a spot in the program that can’t be filled at a later date. In the case of an illness or injury, a refund will only be granted with a medical note. 

  • Insufficient funds will result in a  $35 Admin fee charged to your account.

  • Monthly payment dues or any payments past due are subject to a $20 late fee if more than 7 days past due. A 2% charge on the balance owing will be incurred each month past due. 

  • Classes and /or dates are subject to change depending on registration numbers.

  • Family with more than one child will receive a 20% discount on the class of lesser amount for the second and consecutive child(ren)

  • Currently we do not have parent viewing options,

  • Financial Assistance is available. See our website for more info.

General Housekeeping Rules:

  • Due to insurance and liability reasons, only registered gymnasts and coaches are permitted in the gym area with the exception of one Parent and Tot parent. 

  • Only one parent is permitted at at time in the Parent and Tot class. Parents may take turns but only one on the gym floor at a time. 

  • There is absolutely no food, gum, drinks or shoes allowed in the gym area. 

  • No unauthorized children or adults in the gym area at any time. 

  • If children are being dropped off for class, parents must come inside to pick them up. We will not let children out into the parking lot without a parent. 

  • Absolutely no photos or videos are to be taken of the gymnasts or classes due to privacy purposes. 

  • Children must stay with their coach and follow their coaches instructions at all times. 

  • Parents must not distract their child by talking to them from the viewing area. It is disruptive for the coach and unsafe as it takes their attention away from the skill they are doing. 

  • Children must wear comfortable and easy to move in clothing. No jeans, jewelry, skirts, clothes with zippers or tutus. Hair must be tied back and no shoes. 

  • Children must keep their hands and feet to themselves and be respectful of other gymnasts. Bullying will not be tolerated. Anyone who cannot follow this policy will be asked to leave the gym. We also expect coaches to abide by this rule and the Respect in Sport ethics and code of conduct.

Storm Closure Policy:

  • In case of inclement weather, class cancellations will be posted on our Facebook page two hours prior to classes starting. For Saturdays, we will make the decision by 7am. Notices will be posted on our Facebook page which can also be viewed on our website on the Facebook feed. You will also be able to get information at  the CBC News Storm Centre after 3pm. We will also leave a voice message on the gym phone by the same times listed above. 

  • Make-up classes - Makeup classes are not offered for missed classes or cancelled classes due to weather being beyond our control and having a limited option in dates to offer makeups.


  • There is a 20% discount for the second and consecutive child that registers starting with the class of lesser amount. There is also a 15% discount if your child signs up for a second class. 


  •  Refunds are only granted one week prior to the start of classes. After that, only credit is given for remaining classes unless a medical note is provided then a refund of the remaining classes is given.   The Gymnastics Nova Scotia Registration fee is non-refundable. 

Cancellation Policy
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