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Gymnastics is life!

Welcome to GymNation Gymnastics and Trampoline.

GymNation was formed out of a love for the sport and the combination of two life time gymnastics coaches coming together to create a facility where kids and adults can learn beginner to advanced skills in gymnastics and trampoline. 

Here we teach more than just flips and tricks that are cool, we teach life skills too.

All our coaches are trained and certified in gymnastics and trampoline instruction. We take a lifetime approach to professional development and learning.  We provide numerous opportunities for our staff to train, gain more knowledge and add to their skill set to help make them the best possible coaches we can provide. 


Your child will learn  goal setting, discipline, a good work ethic, focus, increased confidence, self-esteem, improved cognitive functioning and social skills. 

We provide trained and expertise instruction to your child from beginner to advanced from 18 months old to adult. 

Our programs consist of recreational and competitive classes for both boys and girls in artistic (Vault, Beam, Bars, Floor, men's bar, pommel horse, parallel bars and rings) as well as Trampoline. 


Our curriculum

Everything we do, right from the introductory level, teaches a part of a skill that will be learned later. If it looks like we are doing things over and's because we are. Repetition is key to the body mastering a skill and the muscle remembering. Of course, we make sure it is also fun to learn!

Participants will follow the Canadian Nationally recognized CanGym program which will allow them to progress through the badge appointed levels to successfully move toward a competitive stream.  Our Parent and tot to Juniors follows the Happy Gymnastics lesson plan system which provides all the basic fundamentals, terminology and building blocks to advance to the higher levels. 

To find out what class would be right for your child, you can check out our program descriptions here



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