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The CANGYM Badge Level System


CanGym is a nationally recognized curriculum for recreational gymnastics. It's a 12-Level based program wherein there are skills that must be achieved to move on to the next level.

This program is based on skill ability and not on age.

There are approximately 30 skills per badge. At the end of each session, each child receives a report card indicating the skills which are Learning (L) Attempted (A) and Mastered (M). In order to pass a particular badge, each child must master all the skills on the report card.

Badges or Participation ribbons will be handed out with report cards at the end of each session.

These key program skills have been selected to ensure a clear progression from one badge to the next.

The progression through the colored badges is as follows:

Burgundy, Red, Tan, Bronze, Purple, Turquoise, Silver, Orange, Yellow, Green, Gold. 


Progress through the various levels depends on each child's abilities and efforts and therefore it often takes more time than one session of classes for a child to pass a particular level.

cangym levels.gif
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