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Welcome to Bounce-Ability!

Bounce-Ability was created as a non-profit organization that offers therapeutic to advanced skills in trampoline for  persons with disabilities. At this time, we can only offer it to participants who are at a high level of functioning due to the lack of accessibility in the gym. The plan for the future is to increase the accessibility to better accommodate all participants. Instructors are certified in Rebound Therapy and Trampoline Instruction. 


Watch this short video for a full explanation....

The benefits of Rebound Therapy
using a full sized trampoline, for people with additional needs:

The main benefits include the developing and improvement of:
• Strength of limbs • Numeracy • Patience • Communication • Co-ordination • Independence • Self-confidence • Balance • Muscle tone • Reaction speed • Self-image • Eye contact • Relaxation • Freedom of movement • Sense of achievement • Stamina • Spatial awareness • Body awareness • Social awareness • Consideration of others • Trust and confidence in Coach/Assistant • Colour recognition • Height and depth perception • Fun and enjoyment

Other benefits include:
Stimulation of digestive system, Improved bowel function, Internal organ massage, Clearing of toxins from the body.

How We Aim to Achieve These Benefits:
We use the internationally recognised Winstrada development and award scheme which records and rewards progress. Grades 1 and 2 of this scheme are based on the Rebound Therapy training course programme. For those with profound and complex needs, we use the Huddersfield Functional Index in conjunction with the Winstrada scheme.

The added benefits of stimulation of the digestive system, improved bowel function and internal organ massage are achieved by the rhythmic acceleration and deceleration, and increase and decrease in weight offered by movement on the trampoline. The clearing of toxins from the body is a process brought about by bouncing on a trampoline causing stretching and contracting of cells in the body.


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Class times: Friday @ 4:30pm-5:30pm

Cost: $15 for the first class (Socks are required)

Session cost: $150 (Monthly payments or in full)

(Credit card on file is required)

Please note: 

Once registered, your child is expected to complete the 13 week session. If in the event a child cannot complete a session, there are no refunds as the child has taken a spot in the program. (Exception is in the case where a medical note is provided)

If paying monthly, the remaining balance would then be due. 

  • All participants starting for the first time will have to pay the $44.00 registration /Insurance fee. This fee expires Aug 31st each season. 

  •  A PARENT OR AN EA (Educational Assistant) must accompany the participant into class and will be required to assist the coach with spotting, guidance and instruction throughout the circuit. This is a parent/Guardian/EA led program

Group bookings are available to a minimum of 4 participants. Larger groups can call to discuss details. Total numbers including workers/EA may not exceed 30.  (Call 902-883-5102 to book.)



To REGISTER, simply fill out BOTH forms below and submit to the office with payment.  

Rebound Therapy Registration Form

Medical Questionnare and Consent Form

Benefits of Rebounding for all

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