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Frequenty Asked Questions

Gymnastics is a repetitive sport, as it is necessary to build muscle memory in order to perform skills. Everything we do is a progression and has a purpose, in order to move on to the next part of the skill. If you want to learn how to do a back handspring, there are a series of drills that must be performed first in order to put it all together to complete the skill. All children learn differently and will all advance at a different rate.


What class should my child go into?

Find the class that your child's age fits into and we go from there. The class will be once a week so you will need to pick the day and time you'd like to attend. The kids are placed into an age appropriate class and usually quickly assessed to see if they can move up into an advanced class. We will discuss this with the parent if we feel they are excelling and need to be more challenged. Within each class there may be two or three different levels being taught. We track what level the child is working on and what levels they have obtained all the necessary skills.

What will my child learn? 

We follow the nationally accredited CanGym Program. The system is broken down into levels and children are evaluated on the most appropriate level for their skill set at the end of each session. The program is designed with Long Term Athlete Development in mind and prepares the children for potentially competing. We will follow progressions to learn skills, on bars, beam, vault, floor and trampoline.

How do I register? 

Go to "Register for a class" tab  and click on the Registration Form button. Fill out the form and drop off, scan or email


Registrations will no longer be accepted after week 2 of a session. 

How do I make payment?

Payment can be made via cash, debit, credit or EMT to, as long as we have your registrations forms.   

Are the fees plus tax?

Yes, all class fees are plus tax except for the Insurance/registration fee.

Do I have to pay the registration fee each time I register for a class or program?

No, the registration fee is paid once a season. It is paid to Gymnastics Nova Scotia and is an insurance coverage fee for the season. The fee covers the time you register, no matter which session, until the end of August each year. This fee is also non-refundable. 

Do I have to pay the registration fee per child. 

Yes, each child must have  their own insurance/registration fee paid. 

How old does my child have to be for your programs?

For classes, children must be 18 months and up. Each class has specific age categories so you would have to pick the appropriate class for your child's age. Please go to our Programs page for more information. 

 What does my child have to wear?

Children should wear comfortable clothing to move in, no jewelry, hair must be tied back and bare feet is preferred. 


Are the classes structured and instructed or it is free to go in and play?

All classes are instructed by a certified gymnastics coach. We do however offer open-gym for ages 7 - 17 years. This is not an instructed class but there is a coach on hand for assistance. 

Do you offer a competitive program? 

We do offer a pre-competitive program for ages 6 and up. This program is by invitation only. We we also offer an Intermediate Recreational class for ages 9-14 years and an Intro to Comp class for ages 5-6 years by invitation only or you can request to have your child tested for one of these classes.  There is no pass or fail. Not every child will move up a level each session....that will depend on him/her. If they have the required skills/aptitude/attitude/coach-ability/body awareness and can perform certain skills, they may be asked to join the competitive team. Currently we have 17 girls in the pre-competitive and Provincial Competitive team. Contact us for more information or to try out. 

Are parents allowed to watch their child(ren) in class?

Yes, we have a viewing area upstairs where parents can watch. Please note: There is no spectator viewing for the 2021-2022 season due to lack of accommodations for restrictions. 

Can my child just "try" a class to see if he/she likes it?

Yes! We offer a trial class for just $10 incl. tax. This provides an opportunity to attend a full class to see if it is a good fit for your child. This fee will be taken off the total class fee if you would like to register your child. 


Do I have to stay and watch my child. 

No, not unless your child is under age three and he/she is ok with you leaving. 

Do you have change rooms?

We do not have separate change rooms at this time but we have bathrooms that can be used to change into gym gear. 


If my child misses a class is there an opportunity for a make-up? 

Make up classes are not offered. If classes are cancelled by GymNation then we may offer a make-up class if the schedule allows.  We do not however offer make-ups for classes missed or cancelled classes due to weather or circumstances beyond our control.

What if it doesn't workout. Can I get a refund?

Refunds not granted as you have taken up a spot in the program that can’t be filled at a later date. In the case of an illness or injury, a refund will only be granted with a medical note. 





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